FAQs For Employees

Want to work for Diesel Direct Australia but want to know more?

Where have you got work?

Diesel Direct Australia has contracts in almost every Australian state, so our staff can gain experience on a diverse range of mining projects. We are flexible with our arrangements and aim to meet the needs of individual contractors and their families.

What’s the roster?

Rosters depend on client’s needs, but generally we work on an even time roster, with flexible overtime options and allowance for site transfers.

How much money will I earn?

Diesel Direct Australia offers competitive wages and conditions dependent on experience. Our permanent employees receive recognised entitlements such as sick pay, annual leave and superannuation benefits.

When can I start?

We have clients constantly seeking experienced personnel. You could be working on a mine site within two weeks once the necessary paperwork is completed and approved.

Is it permanent or casual?

Diesel Direct Australia recruits both permanent and casual employees to suit individual employees’ and clients’ needs. We currently employ 20 permanent workers with approximately another ten casuals on our books.


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